Compose VS perform without losing pattern data

I’ve been an Elektron user for like 16 years, so I feel weird about asking this.

My concern is about how to ensure that I recover my Projects in a correct “clean” state. I’m talking about pattern data, and in my case, on the OT, the AR (and maybe A4 in a near future).
I think I am right to say that when you save a Project, it saves all patterns in the state they are left at the moment you save the Project.
So, if you create new patterns (what I would call a composition session), and then tweak some existing patterns (what I would call a performance session, you find yourself in a position where you cannot save your new composition stuff in the Project without altering the previous stuff (that you tweaked).
Am I right about this ?
How do you deal with it ? One answer would be to clearly say either “now I’m doing some composition” or “let’s perform and jam”, but never mix both.
In a composition session you would only load your project, create new stuff, be sure to touch nothing previously existing, and then re-save the Project.
In a performance session you would only perform, practice or whatever, but never create new stuff. Before going into a new composition session you would previously reload the whole Project.
Does it make sense ?
Thanks !

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Use the reload function after a performance session to reset to the saved state?

  • Caveat emptor: the only Elektron machine I currently own is an Analog Heat, but I’ve had plenty of Octatracks! :slight_smile:
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Hi. Concerning OT, you can use RELOAD to reload your saved state before performing. You have to avoid saving after. You can make a backup project with SAVE AS NEW if you’re afraid to overwrite your ideal saved state.

Eventually perform after SAVE AS NEW, from original project (after RELOAD, because the saved state is not copied with SAVE AS NEW, no reload possible, it copies current state; btw I use SAVE just after SAVE AS NEW, otherwise you can’t RELOAD from original state.)
So, in that case, 3 operations : RELOAD, SAVE AS NEW, SAVE. That’s what I do sometimes with a template project.

MD, MnM ?

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You’re both talking about the OT and the Reload Project, right ?
So you both agree with my statement : either compose OR perform, but never do both without starting fresh ? For a better organization, maybe make two copies of the Projects, one to perform and one to compose ?

Yes, bought those 2 back in the days. Still own the MD.

You’d want to reload if you want to compose after performing, but maybe you wouldn’t reload after composing if current state has been improved. You’d rather save that state…

It is safer. You can create the copy before performing, delete it after.

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Yes of course.
Thanks for the answers.
This whole saving thing is one of the main things that always take me away from the Elektrons. It’s ok when working on 1 box only, but if you need to manage this on 3 boxes, it becomes a nightmare.

Yep. 2 max for me.

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