Composing an electronic version of Stella by Starlight

I stumbled on a scene from the movie “The uninvited” 1944 where we can hear the song “Stella by Starlight”. :movie_camera:

The uninvited - Stella by Starlight

After some googling, i realized that the track was a big thing and was reinterpreted by Bill Evans, Miles Davies, Ella Fitzgerald and many others…

So I came up with composing an electronic version of the song. :bulb:

This journey starts now. The deadline is to finish the composition and post a live performance by the end of August (2021). :date:

This musical exercice has many objectives, mainly:

  • learn how to compose more interesting electronic music composition
  • develop my skills in the tracks’ transitions
  • practice on keeping the listener interested with tension and release
  • develop a framework for live electronic music composition

This will sound too academic (and boring :yawning_face: ) for most of you, but I will keep updating this threat with my notes until the video is finished and published.

The threat will be organized in categories for me to keep track on my notes here in this forum. :ballot_box:

For this exercise I will have to define some restrictions for the creativity to bloom.

:heavy_check_mark: So the first restriction will be to decide on the hardware to use. :musical_keyboard:

Any suggestion or idea will be very appreciated. :rotating_light:

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  1. Digitone & Digitakt
  2. Arturia Keystep for record melody / chords in the digitone
  3. Ableton for Recording, Mixing & Mastering


  1. C7 (b13 b9) :arrow_forward: Fm (11) :arrow_forward: Abm (maj7) :arrow_forward: Eb (maj7) / G

See Minute 3:00

Why are these chords so beautiful?

  1. Gmin7 / C

Source at minute 4:30 :arrow_forward: F add9

Why are these chords so beautiful?


  1. Audio conversations from the movie
  2. Snippets from the movie for the drums (kick, hi hat, snate etc.)