Computer problems/Black screen

Looks like I have a serious problem with my computer…
I can turn it on and the lights go on but nothing happens the monitor and keyboard doesn’t switch on… I opened it up there was a lot of dust in the fans I cleaned most of it I could.

I really am not sure what is wrong, before I take into the shop
Does anyone know what could be the problem?

Looks like I might be going daw less for a while


Have you tried to turn it off and on again?

Sounds like your motherboard died. Look for Elkos that are not flat? This could be fixed by you.

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Many times, it seems to be dead… it switches on but doesn’t activate anything…
I’ve called someone to come look at it on Monday… think it’s not looking good though

Lucky I keep all my stuff on external hard drives, and I can plug all my setup to work daw less without a computer In meantime

How old? What specs?

It’s probably 7 years old now. But it has good memory 16 gb ram
and was good specs when bought it not sure about all the specs…

But yes it does look like could be the motherboard

7 years sounds like you should rather invest the money into a new motherboard or even a new PC. The IT guy will just eat up your money for the replacement. If you asked me.

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Maybe a silly question but have you tried with a second monitor?

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Could be as simple as a power supply.


I hope it’s something simple like that. but it switches on just nothing happens…
I opened it and the fans were clogged up with dust so think something may have failed because of that… I have someone coming to look at Monday :cry:

Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

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I don’t have another monitor to test…
The keyboard doesn’t switch on either like it’s not loading anything so don’t think it’s that,
but I could be wrong

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Thanks man, yeah it’s a bummer, and possibly costly…
lucky I can still use my elektron stuff without a computer…

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Does the fan spin up on the power supply on the back of the tower when powered on? Does the fan spin on the CPU when powered on?

I’m not completely sure, I will check that tomorrow…
The fan that was connected to a radiator type thing that I think might be the battery
was clogged the worst.

Computer is fixed for anyone that cares :laughing:

Ram got pulled out then cleaned with circuit cleaner and put back in and seemed to work!
Thought it was dead!



When something stops working, RAM is the first thing I check.

Start pulling all the sticks out until there is one left and swap until you can prove it’s not the RAM.


Hurrah! I was going to suggest cleaning. A lot of times when a euro module stops work, I just need to re-wet the solder, which is sort of the equivalent to cleaning with contact cleaner. Glad it worked.


I’ve never really done much work on computers I’ve only ever bought built ones
so had to pay someone to come do it… But next time I’ll probably try that myself…
anyhow better than having to buy a new computer!


Yea for sure. RAM is just the most serviceable part and is usually the culprit. Easy first check.

Glad you stuck to it!