Conceptional Map of #Midi-Routings

Hi guys, what are your thoughts on my MIDI-Setup? Is there a good chance to improve my current setup? Any Ideas? How would you wire Octatrack MK1 & MK2, Pisound, Kenton MKII and OP1? I’m so curious.

Cheers, Thomas


Could you explain a bit more how you want to control everything?

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To me, the scheme looks like…

  • you are using your OP-1 as master keyboard
  • you are controlling the OT MK2 from your computer
  • you use the OT MK2 to control the OT MK1 and the PiSound


If it works for you and the OP-1 is your sequencer/keyboard of choice, keep it. I would restructure the layout and use one of the OTs as center unit, but it depends on your goals.

OT: What do use on the PiSound? PureData or other stuff? Any recommendations? Thank you.

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I use the Octatrack MKII to control everything and use it as a midi keyboard for commands on MKI and Pisound. The Pi is running Puredata. Kenton Midi is used to send piano roll to UFX2, but I was thinking that this isn’t optimal at all… :icecream:

What’s the other Octatrack for? Isn’t 1 enough?
What about going from one octatrack into a thru-splitter and from there to all other instruments?


Great idea! The other Octatrack is for even more Samples, I got this instead of the A4 because I’m not that great of a synth programmer and like to work with my software synth-samples.

Is there a good midi splitter you can recommend? Cheers, Thomas

I’ve got an ESI 1 - 4 splitter. But I’m sure you can use Kenton or another one.
In my setup I go from octatrack to splitter and then to 4 synths. With 2 synths I go into a merger and back to octatrack. So I can record midi data in octatrack.

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also maybe avoid the thru chain?

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I have also two OTs and two synths (a volca keys and a modular with two channels MIDI interface)… the best for me is to use it all with the iConnectivity Mio4. Because I can route anyway I want for different proposes. Even the computer become lot easier the connect and route… clock, control, notes… all easy and fast to change

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Another great idea. The network capabilities of the mio are mighty. What is your setup using two OTs? Which machines are you running on your OTs?

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I use two OT so I can have more channels and more outs. Some projects I use even 8 outs - especially when I play with bands with lots of instruments. I use almost every machine OT have… lots of static and flex machines, but also thru and neighbor for synth or vocal processing. rarely pickup machine… those I never learn properly how to use it… the OT is great to control other synths by MIDI, so I often use it as a master or center of the setup.

I use a Kenton Thru-12 (not the less expensive but never problem with sync :balance_scale:) to send clock, notes, CC, PgCh […] from OT to 4 synths, 3 drum machines and clock only to 2 effects.

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