Conditional trigs - 3/4 time

I just set a track in x3/4 time scale with 12 steps…
the sequencer now takes the same time to repeat as default x1 16/16

I want to do a triplet tom fill with 8 of 8 conditional trig
but it does not trig at the correct time…
the sequence repeats 8 time but it trigs on the 7th repeat.
anyone know why this is?

I dunno which device you’re using, but I’ve have had some really weird stuff happening with conditional trigs on patterns shorter dan 16 steps on my Digitakt. Maybe it’s a bug of some kind.

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What is your master sequencer length setting?

I was using the Rytm mk2… it was set to 64

Set it to INF and listen to what happens.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Yeah just tried it’s the same trigs on the 7th time and the 2nd cycle it trigs on 6th cycle.
Then goes back to 7th then 6th again…

Edit: I just tried the exact same settings on the digitakt and it works correctly trigs on the 8th time

Weird. On which step is your conditional trig?

It must be a bug it works on digitakt exact same settings… I’m putting trigs on 10/11/12

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Yeah right. Im at my OT right now and I have it working perfectly.
Must be the Rytm MK2. Bummer.

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The A4 mk2 is the same… guess because were updated together…
Both digitakt and digitone work correctly and you said ot works correctly
I might send them support ticket

Yes please! Good spot

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Sent a ticket, I’m sure they already know about it…


on my AK it works as expected when set to INF, but when at 64, i can see what you mean - TRCs at 8/8 play on the 7th cycle. somethings not right. works as expected on my DT.
bonus oddness: if you switch from 12/16 in ADV (per-track mode) to NORM mode, the ratio jumps to 2/16. going back to ADV again sets the MASTER LEN to 2 (was INF)