Conditional Trigs Problem (Syntakt)

Hey Guys,

I’m still learning what all the conditional trigs do and I’m having a hard time working this one out. I hope I explain this properly… My song is based around a 4/4 pattern that runs for 3 bars (48 steps).

I have a melody on track 8 that has trigs on steps 15 & 16 in the 3rd bar of the pattern. These notes roll into the melody that begins on bar 01/trig 01. Essentially trigs 15 & 16 in bar 3 are actually the beginning of the melody so I need a trig condition that will play them in the previous row/ pattern in song mode… or mute trigs in the first two bars. Either/or

The row/pattern then plays for 4 loops. However on the 4th/final loop, I don’t want trigs 15 & 16 of bar 3 to play as that melody will be muted in the next row/pattern and it sounds terrible.

Is there a way to achieve this? See diagram. :grimacing:

Thanks in advance.


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Set those two steps to /PRE and make a silent trig (plock the volume to 0) a step prior set to 4:4. When that silent step is evaluated as true the subequent steps shouldn’t sound.


Thanks heaps for that. Will give it a try!