Confused about manage sound presets

Hi there, I’m new here and I’ve bought an second hand A4 since about one month. Usually I use VST or gear like Roland JV-1080, but this is the first time that I try an hardware synth/sequencer.
I have read all english manual and italian too.
My main issue is the management about sound presets. For instance :

  1. When I load a sound into track, pressing the track button one time, I can see the name about the loaded sound, but I don’t know from what bank (A to P) he come, and the system don’t jump to the current sound in the library, but show anytime the A.001 SAW… This is important because for example, I change for a new sound, and I want to come back to the previous sound, I don’t remember where’s my choice.

  2. When I tweak a sound parameters, for instance C:145, and go to save it, the save function, don’t use the last C:145 slot, asking me “replace? y/n” but I have to choose where to save it, and often I forget where is the original preset for replace it.

  3. I go to create a new, amazing, usable, great new sound named “ABCDEF”, and I’ll save in the last “P” bank, slot 001…Well. Now I create a new empty project, and I’ll go to load my new “ABCDEF” preset in the track1. Testing sound, and?.. The “ABCDEF”, play differently that in other projects! WTF? All fx’s, aftertouch, bending, velocity that I’ve setted inside my “ABCDEF” preset was lost. These parameters are not saved with the sound? They are saved only with the kits?

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice, and I’m so sorry for my rough english language.

Once a sound is brought into a Kit, it is only to be considered as part of a Kit - there are no links to the sound or its location - the original sound could be moved or deleted - that imported kit-sound is a snapshot of that sound - both are now independent, even if you leave both as they are and leave the source sound where it is, there is no link (or means to relocate it) (other than relying on unique sound names )[quote=“masterbutz, post:1, topic:35265”]

I forget where is the original preset for replace it.

There is no original if you accept that the Kit is the main unit and that kit sounds are 100% divorced, however, the source sound would have to be manually found and overwritten

Kits are King - you have to learn this - sounds are part of kits, if you like your treatment of a sound you will have to save a special kit - if you think about it it makes sense, there is one FX block and four spaces for sounds in a kit … which FX settings should a kit adopt if you pull in different sounds ?! - (not to mention sound locks fx chaos) this is why fx settings are part of a kit and not part of sound

Two kits could use the same sound, if you tweak that sound in the Kit it cannot link back to the ‘original’ sound as it would not be consistent if you edited the sound in both kits it appeared in, what about if you deleted the source sound, should the kit sound be erased/replaced

The Pattern/Kit/Sound/FX paradigm all makes sense once you understand it has to be this way


Hi avantronica, great infos and advices.

Thanks & regards.