Confused about the labeling on Digitakt

I bought my Digitakt used and cant figure out why the Snare trigger has a cowbell…the Tom trigger is a clap…the clap is a cymbal and so on. Do i need to do something to get these lined back up or are the labels worthless?

Thanks in advance!


Since it’s a sampler , you can put any sound you like … and that’s probably what the former owner did and you should too .

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Right. I get that but I would like it to default to the sounds I want in a new pattern. Thanks for the reply

I guess if you bought it used the best option is to either load a new project which will have the standard sounds in it or perform a factory reset… described here:


When performing a factory reset on the Digitakt, it will overwrite and re-initialize the active RAM project (including all pattern and global data). The +Drive project slot 1 will be overwritten and re-initialized with factory preset patterns, Sounds and settings. Sound bank A will be overwritten with the factory Sounds.

If you wish to keep the active project, remember to save it to a +Drive project slot higher than 1 before you perform a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, press the [TRIG 3] key.

Thank you sir. I have reset it…but the only way it defaults to the correct sounds is if I load a new project. Its possible I do not understand how the Project structure works. I’m new to Elektron.
Update: I see now I can load the “Presets” project. I think that is what is confusing. I guess I assumed the factory preset samples would line up with the labels. My mistake. Curious if yours does the same thing in the Presets Project.

That’s what you want, a new Project. Make it your own and check if the labelling is relevant. At first, the DT was meant to be a Drum sampler so that’s why you have a labelling but this labelling disappeared on the newest drum oriented Elektron device (Syntakt).

Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I have the Syntakt too and noticed it was gone. Appreciate you guys Thank you


The labeling applies to the default kit only. The minute you start changing samples they can be anything you want. I try to keep some kind of organization though where certain tracks are for long music samples and others are for certain drum parts.

Normally I just put cowbells on all the triggers