Confused by this MIDI Track Behaviour

Hi - I’ve got very confused by this (hope the shared movie link thing works). So the midi track selection (focus) is cycling through the 8 midi tracks when controlled by the digitone clock and transport - it stops at track 8. When I start the OT by it’s own transport it’s fine and stays put on track 1. I’m sure it never did this before now!

Any thoughts?



Many functions on OT can be controlled by midi notes. Midi note G#4 is active track up. Seems you´re Digitone sends this note to the OT.

You can turn this off completely< in the menu. Midi -> Control -> Audio Note In -> Off or check which midi channels are used on OT and DN.


Awesome - thanks you were right. All now back to normal!

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Glad I could help! :wink: