Confusing behavior

My bass drum track 1 on my MD keeps triggering track 11 and I can’t make it go away.

I go into the kit settings where you pick the machine type. I turn the trigger link off for track 11. I save the updated kit…

And then the trigger is still there! I reopen the edit kit menu and the trigger link and the link to track 11 is back like I never even made a change. I reset the MD and it is still there.

So at this point I have been forced to just mute track 11.

I turned off receive MIDI control just in case this was an issue. But now I have to press the stop button 3 times on my octatrack to get the MD to stop playing.

Why can’t I make this trigger link go away?

try a soft reset

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Thank you, I will give this a try when I get home today :slight_smile:

It was user error. I was selecting “-” to turn the trigger off and then exiting the menu. I needed to hit enter/yes first to make “-” turn black before exiting.

Thanks for the help


I have another confusing behavior question…

Problem: Every time I reset my MD, the retrig setting on all tracks is automatically going to 50%

In the kit, the setting saved is 0%. So after powering on, if I hit ‘function’ + ‘extended’ everything goes back to normal.

I thought the issue was definitely midi related so I disconnected my OT, issue persists.

There is a CTRL ALL machine in the kit, so I thought maybe there could be an LFO affecting the that machine… There isn’t one.

Anyone see unexpected setting changes at startup like this?