Connecting Elektron M:S to Behringer Xenyx Mixer Q802USB + headphone Audio-Technica ATH- SR50BT


i’m a absolute beginner and I want to connect an Elektron M:S to a Behringer Xenyx Mixer 802QUSB. I used 1/4" cable but sound from the mixer to headphones is fat, overbass and tiring. When connecting headphones directly to Elektron M:S sound is great!

What’s the problem?


why have you connected Outs to Outs ? - not sure how you had it wired but the picture is suggesting that

bring the MS into a stereo pair channel with no added gain (so 3/4 or 5/6) and keep everything set at 12 oclock (except FX send knobs) - then listen - it should be virtually indistinguishable direct or monitoring via teh Mixer if set neutral in terms of EQ etc - avoid channel 1/2 until you’ve mastered the other channels

you could also just go MS to Stereo Returns and bypass EQ for the simplest hookup


Thank You!!!

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