Connecting Mic to interfaces/pedals/Octatrack - Digitakt stereo out alternatives

Hi there,

preparing a little set and appreciate some help to figure out my ideal setup.

Main challenge is how to set up vocals. I was thinking of feeding my mic (Shure SM58) into a reverb pedal and then connecting the L&R outs of the reverb pedal into the mic ins of my Interface (Scarlett Focusrite 18i8). However, I’m scared that activating phantom power to feed the mic could cause harm to the reverb pedal. Could this indeed cause problems? Edit: Found out it works fine without phantom power, perfect.

Alternative would be to use a mic preamp, but I am trying to avoid this so I don’t need more gear. However, if I have to use a preamp, I might get rid of the reverb pedal by feeding the mic into the Octatrack which is connected to another reverb pedal via Cue Outs, pedal going into my interface as well. Problem then would be that I run out of inputs on the Octa. Possible solution could be to only use one Octa input for my Digitakt, which doesn’t make excessive use of stereo effects. However, if I use a mono TRS cable and connect Digitakt’s headphone output to one of Octa’s inputs, there’s only a mono signal. Do I need another cable? Would it alternatively work to pan all DT tracks hard left or right?

Thank you so much in advance!

The Eventide MixingLink is made for this kind of thing. Not cheap, but so, so useful.


Hehe, a friend of mine also reccomended this to me just a few minutes ago. Might consider it later down the road, thanks!

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Sm58 doesn’t require phantom power. Edit: I see your edit.

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