Connecting Minilogue to Digitakt

I am very new to using midi channels, I have a minilogue that I want to be able to control with my digitakt. I have the Midi channel set to 1, and I have the A bank set to 1 but the minilogue seems to just be controlling my kick via midi. It’s strange though because when I play a note on the keyboard I see 9 on my bank light up. Any help would be much appreciated.

It sounds like you have the same midi channel setup for audio track 1 and midi track 9! Go into your midi settings and change the channel for one of them and it should work just fine.

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The MIDI channel settings per Track are receiving, not sending. By default tracks 1-8 respond to MIDI channels 1-8. The auto channel is 10.

If you want to control the Minilogue using the DT, you need to set the sending MIDI channel which is on the Track SRC page (Chan). I would recommend setting Minilogue to receive on something like 9 and then go to Track 9 SRC page and press Func + Push Encoder A. Turn this to 9.

Also check out the DT Manual for all the MIDI capabilities.