Connecting Octatrack, A4 and other stuff

Hi guys

Actually, i’m playing the following stuff :

  • Elektron Analog Four
  • Elektron Octatrack (still arriving from the shop)
  • Roland TR-8 (to be substituted soon with a Rytm to complete the Dark Trinity)
  • Behringer Mixer RX1602
  • Novation Bass Station II (used for lead parts and creation of bass samples)
  • 2 X Yamaha HS8 active speakers

My question is : since the octatrack has only 4 inputs, with direct connection, I would fill all of them by connecting tha A4 and the TR-8 (or rytm). So i’m forced to connect A4, Rytm and Bass Station II to the RX1602 and then connect the stereo output of this one to the Octatrack. Unfortunately RX1602 has only one stereo output (an additional mono output is present but i think it’s completely useless for my pourposes).
Is it a good idea to connect the active speakers directly to the output of the Octatrack ?
Do you have any alternative suggestion ?


I think you should be fine direct it.

Or you could use the inputs of the a4 and tr8 and run sound through the two stereos of OT and then into the mixer?

Thank you Ryan,

Didn’t think about it… it should work! I can route the mono output of the bass station into the external input of the A4! This way i can use the mixer only to drive the spearkers.

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When you get your Octatrack, you might find it fun to try connecting all the sound sources to the RX1602’s inputs and use the “additional mono output” as an effects no send to the OT so that the OT can sample (in mono only, of course) and add effects to selected signals from your other gear.

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I had things set up like this for a while, but found it a bit stressful to keep tabs on where everything was flowing. Plus no stereo which was a shame. Now I have the mixer’s outs connected straight to the OT, with the send being used for outboard reverb and delay, freeing up FX slots on OT. Then OT outs to computer. Everything like a one way street.