Connection failed between digitakt and computer

This is a feature I requested on AR but it’s still to come.

I’ve looked everywhere for this info. Nothing…Really wish they would’ve done a USB or SD but OT has it’s place. I’m taking this for a one shot sampler machine.

Yeah. I realized my AR didn’t have it a while back. Just hoping a lesson had been learned.

Think how great USB standard file manager would’ve been. Especially now that my formerly working DT has decided it shall never connect under 1.03 again.

I’m having the same problem using USB. My computer Mac should be up to the task spec wise. I’ve upgraded OSX, disconnected all other devices, shut down mac, turned on Digitakt, turned on Mac… and just about every other combination I can think of.

No luck. Mac just doesn’t recognize Digitakt.

Transfer does work on my Macbook, so I’m now transferring samples from my studio mac to my macbook, to upload them to Digitakt.

Digitakt is not alone here. I have 4 Elektron devices and the only one that handles data transfer without major issues is the Octatrack. And that’s because the CF card shows up as an external drive. So you’re actually sending files directly to the card and not the OT at all

C6 is terrible too. When I cue up bunches of samples for the Rytm, it craps out randomly. It has NEVER completed a sample dump for me

What’s Transfer? Is it for Digitakt only?

Hard to believe even their latest hardware still can’t get it right

Same here and the only fix from Elektron was to perform a Factory Reset then it will connect (only once). After you transfer some samples they are on the Digitakt but if you try to do it again it will not connect to the transfer app. Hopefully they get this sorted soon as it still does not connect with the 1.04 update released today.

Hey guys,

i am new here. A guy from the german forum found out a solution:
go to settings -> midi config -> channels -> Auto channel: set to channel 14: works like a charme.

cheers wavescanner


Yep confirmed works and thanks for the info!

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Thank you. I also tried the 1.04 update but indeed without success. I have transferred samples via another computer now, so at least they’re on there.

The only concern I have now is Overbridge, because I realise that in my case the Digitakt just isn’t recognized by the Mac at all. I’ve had a good experience with Elektron’s customer support though, where updating to Sierra solved Overbridge problems for the Analog Heat, so I hope we’ll go a similar route with Digitakt.

So I’m hopeful that Overbridge for the Digitakt will work equally well and that this is just the result of “some software needs to do this work until we have Overbridge release-ready, and that software happens to be a bit buggy, but it’s all we’ve got and we’ll focus on Overbridge instead of patching Transfer”

It’s like a miracle- I can finally load samples to my DT again! What a strange bug this is. I wonder why channel 14? I could see 1 or 10 or 16, but 14?

Thanks to whomever figured this one out.


Thanks! Useful information!!!

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Mine is already set to Auto Channel 14 and will not connect. I have tried 2 different Macs to no avail.

Finally just ended up using C6 and it worked. But never got a connection with the Transfer program.

worked fine for me on win7 from my netbook multiple times

Autochannel 14 fixed it for me. Sorry to those who are still having issues.

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Hi All, I just tried updating from 1.02. It kept saying can’t connect in Elektron transfer as per other users experience. I have a mac mini, latest OS and it had upgraded and worked before. I checking my auto channel for midi it was already set to 14. Then I noticed my K-MIX was on and connected via USB. Switched off the K-mix and the transfer worked fine.

So in addition to using auto channel 14, make sure you don’t have any other USB midi devices switched on.

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I would try updating with c6. I think earlier os versions needed that to update firmware.

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