Considering the Options - Rytm only

I use my Rytm as a companion when doing work-related travelling. A lot.

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The Rytm is awesome. Probably the hardware I would keep if allowed to keep just one

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You are so right. I will team it with a Novation Circuit, which opens for me synthesis of stabs and chords instead of canned chord samples (plus more tracks and voices). But still, in a pinch, the Rytm can do almost everything by itself.

Thanks for listening in!


great work! following you on sc.

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Haven’t really gotten anything too outrageous out of my Rytm yet. They say to put some samples into it, but I really find it annoying to use a computer at all. I wish it could just sample on the fly.


the Rytm is, in my opinion, actually best used together with the computer when doing sound design. The reason is the VST - it easily negates the clunky user interface of the machine itself. It can be programmed like a modern VST with a lot of screen real estate.

Additionally I put in some 30 folders of samples, mostly classic drum machines, single cycle wave forms and -chains, chords and some vocal samples. After uploading a nice selection, you don’t need to do more, you can use the VST to browse the stuff. On the machine itself - well, the small screen is not too good for browsing a few thousand samples.

After selecting the samples and programming the sounds of a kit, you can program the rythms and melodies nicely on the machine itself; it is a great performance tool and sequencer after all.



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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it this weekend before I write it off completely. It is a great tune BTW.

As always, great and inspiring work.