Constant crashing since the update

Both the A4 and Rytm plugs, along with OB, are crashing big time. Everything will be fine, then suddenly both the A4 and Rytm channels in Ableton emit a large, sustained volume spike with a distorted, static noise. The VST will say ‘error connecting to Rytm (or A4)’ or something along those lines on the bottom left in red.

When I quit Ableton and OB, I’m not even able to start Ableton again, nor OB. I try loading OB by itself after the crash but it never loads and the only option ends up being to force quit. Ableton won’t load either. Consequently, I have to restart the computer every time. The only plugins in the midi channels are the utility plugins and sometimes a Valhalla Vintage or Shimmer as an insert.

Anyone else having similar issues?


For me the Analog Four is the noise culprit.

Selecting USB-MIDI ONLY in the USB CONFIG menu, and then turning over bridge mode back on seems to get rid of it. You can avoid restarting Live with this.

RYTM on the other hand just randomly crashes at some points, sending out a small looped chunk of audio. That above doesn’t seem to work here, in which case quitting Live is required, and yes, I cannot restart Live without a reboot (which I’ve also done countless times).

post some details on what usb devices you have plugged in etc, soundcard, whether you have usb3, what windows OS version you are on.

@Matt: Hmmm, i’ll have to give that a shot.

@Mokomo: It’s a 2012 Macbook Pro Updated to El-Capitan, so only USB 2. I’m running it through the Thunderbolt Display. I only have a mouse plugged into the 3rd USB slot of the TB display. Macbook itself has Push 2 out of it.
SC: Motu Ultralite MK3
The only other addition I have is the new CME 37key wireless midi controller, but I turned that off for testing purposes, and the issue still occurred.

I’ve sent all the crashes to ableton too, so I think I’ll follow up with them to find out if they can pinpoint the issue.

Same here, also with a 2012 MB pro on El-Capitan
Push 1
Motu Ultralight AVB

AR Overbridge plugin (VST) crashes all time on Yosemite, Ableton Live 9.6 and AR connected to Overhub.

But, the AU plugin works like charm. I don’t know if it’s Ableton 9.6 problem or not, since I’ve been having problems with Kontakt (lots of crashes too) since the 9.6 update.

Any thoughts?

Same here. Elektron Keys through Ableton 9.
imac late 2015, El Capitan.