Constant noise analog 4 overbridge mode 1.23c

upgraded from 1.22 to 1.23c this morning and now whenever i’m in overbridge mode it gets stuck with a constant high pitch whine/noise at max volume even when all voices are muted. tried an empty and factory reset and still no change. never had this problem on other os versions.

are you on windows? or on Mac? on Windows OB seems to be generally bugged - or not working very well because of all the driver madness windows is know for :slight_smile:

oops yeah. sorry. win10 pro 64. the noise will stop if i unplug the usb cord but still keep it in ob mode. but as soon as the usb is connected it happens again. running an elektron usb into overhub =\

is it safe to downgrade? do they archive previous versions somewhere?

no need to downgrade, i have similar issues on windows 7. not with noise, but with stuck bleeps and stuff like that. also i cant get any stable sync and i loose audio on the Rytm all the time. my A4 doesnt have that much problems on windows but sync is still impossible here.

i solved it by switching to a Mac. windows is just simply not the platform for OB. bad programming i think. Access did this waaaaay better with the Virus TI - it even worked perfectly under Windows. But it took several iterations of the Virus OS as well until they nailed it back in the days. Windows was problematic with the Virus TI as well as it first came out.

sorry, you meant the OB/A4 OS :slight_smile: dont know if thats possible, doesnt seem so.

i have an old version around here, but its waay too old i guess (no OB with that one for sure): Analog-Four_Analog-Keys_OS1.11.syx
Alternatively i have a previous version around: Analog-Four_Analog-Keys_OS1.23B.syx

But i dont seem to have the corresponding OB installer for the previous version anymore.

Your best bet is to contact Customer Support. Or simply switch to a Mac if you can do so.

@juiceciuj Open the Overbridge Control Panel and disable or enable any of the channels, then press Apply. You can then make any configuration again without the noise. It’s a very strange bug.

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thanks simon. that did the trick. but now for some reason piano roll tracks from flstudio aren’t being picked up by over bridge…