Contracts with labels and physical media releases

Anyone know much about this kind of stuff? I received my first contract for an album release (only a run of 300) but it’s all a little daunting. To be honest I don’t think it is anything out of the ordinary but is there anything in particular that I should be wary of?

Just make sure after 10 years you have the rights to your music

The contract states “the artist retains full copyright rights throughout the contract” so I assume that means I’m the one who holds the copyright. The label retains the publishing rights for 3 years.

Wow, cool man, congrats! :slight_smile: What kind of media?

Just a CD release. Really small label. Doubt that I will sell many lol.

Well, link it here when it comes out. I’m sure plenty would be interested. I know I’m not the only one who has been enjoying your videos as of late :slight_smile:

Thanks. Really appreciate that. The album is actually pre OT but I just started working on a new one, something aside from the live videos. I’ll be sure to spam you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not been on the forum much of late but would like to say good going Ned! That’s really cool. Def link to where a copy can be found, I’ll happily ship one over to Scotland to enjoy as always liked your videos and things.

Haha you guys are too kind. Now to find 300 more like yourselves :wink:

Congrats Man!
But for 300 you might be financially better off just selling them yourself via bandcamp for example
But if their going to implant your cd’s in record shops then thats all the better
and hence worth the contract
Also, its always nice to be supported and have people looking after your biz!
Good luck
and keep us posted

Thanks dude.
Yeah I was just releasing on bandcamp, but a small label got in touch and offered to release a CD here in Japan. They have distributors with tower records and HMV etc. The contract states that the first 70 copies go towards cost then the rest is 50/50 but to be honest I only did it to get a CD in the shops. I’m not bothered about making money. Will just be a nice mind blower to see my CD in a music shop. Kinda childhood dream type stuff.

First off, congrats Ned! Always a good feeling to get this sort of support and interest.

But yeah, wise to do your homework before signing anything. You’re also dealing with Japanese law, whose conventions might surprise a gaikokujin.

My gut feeling is that if you can make certain the contract only covers this particular release and no others in the future, then maybe the advertising value of having a disc on the shelves is worthwhile, even if you don’t end up making much cash from this release now or down the road. That said, it might be worth spending 30 mins with an entertainment law expert, if only cos you don’t know what you don’t know.

I’ll second what Dub said. There are a few “quirks” to Japanese law. Having said that, what’s the label? If it’s Progressive Form, steer well clear. That guy has a history of screwing people over.

It’s a tiny label called AN/AY. The contract is only for the album at least it only refers to “at rest” which is the album title and “nedavine” when talking about me. It’s just a two page thing in English with a few English mistakes.

It states that they control the publishing rights for 3 years but I retain copyright. Then it just goes on to talk about how payments are dealt with, copyright infringement (meaning I am liable if the label gets sued… Gonna have to ditch the P. K . Dick interview sample ) and about what happens to the publishing rights if they don’t make the release date.

I think it’s pretty much a one guy operation.

Thanks for heads up regarding progressive form I’ll keep eye out. Nice to know what to avoid.

Really appreciate the helpful advice guys.

I’ll speak to a friend who used to do copyright stuff here in Japan to double check there’s nothing dodgy. Initially I was worried I would sign it and they would ask me for money (to print the CD etc). But the contract states the first 70 copies go to cover the expenses of the label.