Control 4 voices via midi from an external 4-voice synthesizer?

Hi Elektronauts,

I have not been able to find an exact answer in the Digitakt and Digitone manuals for this.
it is clear that both devices can control external midi devices.
However, I am missing in the menu of the Digitone the function to create chords with external gear. In the Digitakt it is possible to control all 4 voices from an 4-voice synthesizer, to create a chord (C major for example.
In the Digitone, this function does not seem to exist.
On page 47 Trig parameters page (12.2) of the current Digitakt manual is described what I mean.

12.2.1 NOT1
Note 1 sets the root note that should be sent by the MIDI track. (C0–G10)
12.2.2 NOT2–NOT4
Note 2–4 will add more notes, offset from the root note by the selected values, to a note trig. This makes
it possible for a MIDI track to send out chords that consists of up to 4 notes. If the root note is changed
the offset notes will transpose accordingly. A value of 0 will remove the offset note. (-64–+63)

Is that not possible with the Digitone, or is there an other workaround for doing that?

I don’t have a DN, but the manual, sections 10.2.3, and 10.2.4, talk about adding extra notes to a trig. I don’t think it’s different for MIDI tracks. 12.2 talks about additional notes.

On the Digitone, to create a chord, press ‘record’ to go into step sequence mode.
Then hold a trig button and press the ‘Add Notes/Arp’ button.
Now you can release both buttons and select the keys you want for your chord.
Press ‘Yes’ button to enter the chord into the sequence and go back to the sequencer page.
Pressing ‘Add Notes/Arp’ again will also send you back.

The Digitone goes up to 8 notes per step, the Digitakt is limited to 4.

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Ok yes so I create the chords with the internal voices of the Digitone. Does this also work with external midi instruments? Have not managed so far, with the Digitakt that works.

You create the chords on the midi tracks of the Digitone, there are 4 internal synth tracks and 4 midi tracks.
All of those tracks have a max polyphony of 8.

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Ok I’ll try that out right at home. Thanks in advance.

Thanks it works! I was a bit confused and thought it works with the Digitone just like with the Digitakt Midi mode.
Well then nothing stands in the way of my setup change.


I’m having a very similar problem - trying to sequence an external drum track, but the “notes” of the external drum machine are playing monophonically. For example, if I program hi-hats, then try to program in kick drums, they cancel out the hi-hats in as if it’s monophonic.

I am trying to use the live recording mode. Is it only possible to program external “chords” or multiple notes / drum sounds by adding them manually to individual trigs?

I was originally trying to sequence a Volca Sample (using Pajen’s custom firmware which allows you to sequence all the Volca’s tracks as a single MIDI channel) and assumed it was a problem with that. But I’ve now also tried using my Roland MC-101 and the same thing is happening.

Thanks for any help, and sorry for the noob question (I am definitely a noob!).

(What I’m hoping is that there’s a simple “polyphony setting” for MIDI tracks a bit like the “voice stealing” / unison setting on internal tracks).

Yes, but there are a few workarounds:

Use multiple Digitone MIDI tracks, if you’re not using them for anything else.

Place the hat a step later and micro-time it backwards.

Use the “piano” button on Digitone to edit a trig and make it a ‘chord’.

Use he step-recording feature to play in the beat, step by step, playing a ‘chord’ where multiple drums play

With an external controller: Play it in live. Or in record, press and hold a trig, and make a ‘chord’ of the drums.

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Thanks for the reply! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I did try using multiple MIDI tracks, so that might need to be my solution for now, but will try using my Keystep keyboard if external controllers allow chords/multi-note/poly programming?

I don’t think I could work with step recording or adjusting the trigs on what I’m attempting at the moment, as it has a pretty jazzy, syncopated rhythm (cover of “I Go Humble” by Björk).

I tried using my Keystep to live record the drum sequence, but it still seemed to be acting “monophonic”. (Keystep connected to Digitone via MIDI cable, with Digitone MIDI track sequencing my Roland MC-101 via MIDI out of the Digitone).

I tried using another of the Digitone’s MIDI tracks with the same results.

I also tried changing to a polyphonic synth voice on the MC-101 so I could hear an actual chord. I had no problem playing the chords - all seemed fine with the polyphony - but as soon as I put the DN into live record mode, each additional note would overwrite / cancel out the other notes. So it was again only “recording” the sequence monophonically, despite “playing” it polyphonically.

Still hoping there’s a setting I’ve messed up or can easily change!?

It seems counter intuitive that you would be able to play poly, but only record mono, when the Digitone’s MIDI tracks are 8 voice poly each (aren’t they?).

EDIT: I did try the workaround of using two of the Digitone’s MIDI tracks controlling the same MIDI channel on the MC-101, which worked slightly clumsily, but is obviously not ideal to waste 2 MIDI tracks on one “instrument”.