Control Ableton Drum Rack with AR

Hi everybody, Im an AR user since few weeks, Im happy to use elektron stuff.

So I would like to discover other things, and I would like to control a Drum Rack with an AR to keep the AR groove.

maybe someone could me help

kind regards


The AR’s sequencer does not send MIDI messages, other than Program Change and clock/transport messages.

I have had this problem ever since the first Ableton. They hate external sequencing.

Yeah, it is clearly Ableton’s fault that the analog Elektron boxes don’t sequence external MIDI.

From that perspective it may seem so. OP should send AR audio pulses and convert Audio to MIDI. You just cant do it in real time.

Ho mates, thank’s for the replies, but it sounds bad, because for the price if we can’t use the AR as a midi sequencer it’s very bad !!!

Unfortunately you cannot @DMNRD

Maybe in the next updates, I hope

I wouldn’t hold my breath. People have been asking for this since before the RYTM was even released (hell, since the A4 was released if we’re honest). Elektron have stated time and again that this isn’t in the cards.

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As far as I understood, there is no hope, beacause Elektron will not cannibalize business for the OT/A4.
In other words, if you want a hardware sequencer, you need to buy OT/A4. Btw, I really hate I though…

Actually Clic the OT/MnM & MD are the only Elektron units that sequence external midi the A4 is a no go too.

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Thanks, @OSCar for clarifying, I was mistaken :slight_smile:

I would much more love to see the ar sequencer being editable from within ableton (like one more page in the plugin showing the steps, p locks, automation etc so i could program on the hardware as well as from the computer.

Afaik sequencer editing functionality is planned for a future Overbridge release. But since 1.1 went to full release, you can record mute automation, it’s at least something.

Tbh I still tend to do most of my sequencing in Live rather than on my A4/Rytm for now.