Control digitakt midi tracks with Daw midi?

Hello elektronauts,

I can control the digitakt tracks by sending midi with channels 1-8 but not the digitakt midi tracks.
I tried to setup the midi channels 9 - 16 to control these in the midi channels menu of digitakt but it does not work.

I guess that this is not possible by design, right ? Any of you that manage to do it in overbridge mode ?

Yes you can
What are your MIDI settings etc ?

I am using reaper, and I want to do the following :

  • "outputing " separate audio tracks and midi tracks from overbridge to reaper (this works). For this, I am routing overbridge plugin audio output to 8 reaper tracks, and I am using another 8 reaper tracks with each digitakt midi channel as inputs of these midi tracks (to control vst synths).
  • send midi input to digitakt in order to be able to use my midi keyboard and record trig in the digitakt that way

In digitakt, I kept all the defaults settings, except in the midi channels menu where I set up midi channel 9 -> track A, chan 10 -> track B, … chan 16 -> track H.
I set the auto chan off.

You have DT and midi keyboard connected to your midi interface ?
or are you using your DT as midi interface?

I tried with DT as my audio interface.

I also have another audio interface, but I didn’t manage to make it work with OB

not talking about audio interface talking about midi interface :wink:

Sorry, I misread.

My DT and keyboard are connected through usb on my laptop.
I don’t have a keystep or else, so no real midi out, only usb.

Furthermore, midi does work for controlling audio tracks

no problem Dissofilddle :wink:

ok just sended you a pm with a possible solution

here is an other one

make a midi track with midi input your keyboard and midi out to DT make sure midi thru is on

one question what do you exactly mean by “controlling the audio tracks”
are you sending midi notes to them or just CC parameters

I’m sending mute and other cc parameters from Cubase to my DT and Dn, and sequencing and sending cc to other hardware synths or vst from the midi tracks of Dt and Dn

Actually, I use reaper as a virtual synthesize host, and then just jam from the digitakt, as you would do with an hardware expander, using takt as the sequencer/brain.
However, I want to add midi keyboard midi to record midi notes (I don’t care about cc from my keyboard, takt cc are good enough) into the digitakt, both for audio tracks and midi tracks as it is more convenient to record chords and stuff like that.

Ha ok, actually, I didn’t have a problem to control the vst synths by settings the midi tracks hosting them with digitakt as midi input.

However I was sending midi to overbridge plugin, and not to digitakt directly, that might be the problem.

not complety sure what you mean but
if overbridge is on and in midi settings midi is on usb
in Cubase on a midi track I see the the DT as midi interface but I also see the DT as overbridge

What I mean is you can either :

  • send midi to the track where overbridge vst is set up
  • send midi to an empty track and route midi to digitakt midi interface, ( this time not to the overbridge vst).

I was doing the first and it works for me but only with the audio tracks, maybe I should try the second.

Same problem here… It is working fine sending midi to Digitakt from Ableton with the Overbridge plugin through 1 to 8. In midi routing it appears also channels from 9 to 16 but it doesn’t work. I want to send midi sequences from Ableton to Digitakt midi tracks so external synths can receive midi through Midi Out from Digitakt.

Just tried this:

  • Added a regular midi track in Ableton to send MIDI to channel 9 to the Digitakt via USB
  • Configured track A to receive MIDI on channel 9 and send MIDI on channel 1
  • I connected a synth (which receives midi on channel 1) with a DIN cable to the Digitakt midi out port

Et voila, it works! (which is pretty awesome actually).

Did you configure the Digitakt Track A channel to receive MIDI on channel 9?

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Yes actually, it works for me too.
Actually I understood something quite important :
The behaviour of digitakt in a daw (or any other elektron device I guess) depends on how the midi was sent to digitakt, that is either :

  1. via overbridge (simply by sending midi from daw to the overbridge plugin )
  2. via digitakt midi interface (by setting digitakt midi output in your daw )
    In the first case, channel from 1 to 8 will send to each track, no matter what your internal digitakt midi setting (the settings accessible from the digitakt menu itself) is, and use midi channel 16 to change pattern.
    In the second case, digitakt will respond to midi channel depending on what you set in the internal digitakt midi setting.

Normally, we are not supposed to use overbridge plugin and vstandard digitakt midi interface at the same time, but it seems to work, so what ?


Hi! thanks for your reply.

I think elektron’s warning about not using digitakt midi and overbridge plugin at the same time is correct. I tried to use both at the same time and in some occations it freezes causing to have the digitakt to reset.

Just using overbridge and sending midi from daw to tracks 1-8 works flawlessly. In Ableton external instrument configuration you can select midi to digitakt vst to tracks 1-16 so i’m not sure why can’t receive midi from daw to midi tracks. Bests!

Yes, I noticed a few crash, but I am not sure it is even related to using both OB and usb midi.
IMO, digitakt midi tracks are best when used for hardware synth anyway :wink: