Control input 1

Hi all…just wondered if anyone is using an expression pedal or other external modulstion source via control input 1…read the manual and this looks like an interesting feature…if so what for…im quite new to this but im thinking delay parameters?

Bonus question: can the A4’s CV outs be used to modulate parameters on the AR MK2 via the control input?

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Do you have experience using expresdion pedal on analog ry5m mkii?

I don’t have an AR, but it seems like you can use an expression pedal to control the same things that a performance macro can control: up to 5 of the many, many parameters on the AR. Have a look at the description of performance macros in the manual and search for discussions of them on the forum for examples of what you can do.

I do and actually I am currently making all sort of custom expression “pedals”.
Here is one of them with a light sensor using the Analog Four mkII (but I tested it with Analog Rytm mkII and Analog Heat as well) :


Thats awesome i will follow you on insta for updates…i was looking for a kind of assignable knob twisting solution…im not realy tech savvy so forgive my terminology…kind of midi controller i could map say delay or reverb parameters to?

I’ve got a question slightly related to the topics above. I’m using an expr ped on the cv in 1 on the AR2. Now, the settings I’m using there seem to be not per pattern but for all patterns & kits in the project. Am I correct here? With my instrument, it works like this. Is there a way to save this per kit? Would be handy, but I didn’t find anything in the manual.

Kit -> Control Input setting lets you map the input to destination/amount on a per-kit basis.

I’m using CV out to control input for an additional envelope that acts as a pseudo sidechain compressor.

I see in the AR MkII manual that the Control Ins can control up to 5 parameters each. However, when you actually get into the the Control In 1 Mod menu, only 4 parameters are shown as available for mapping. Is this a typo in the manual where it should say that only 4 parameters are mappable or am I missing something? I think maybe this section might have been copied over from the A4 manual by accident without editing . . . I don’t have an A4 but I’ve seen in pictures that that actually has 5 mappable parameters.

Yes I just realised the same thing this week when I wanted to make a demo of my SideKicks crossfader ( )

That’s cool, I checked out your IG and am looking forward to when you release those crossfaders!

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Yeah i love the sidekicks crossfader…gonna bring some new creative ideas and add to the live performance options​:blush::level_slider::black_heart: