Control virtual synths with analog four mk2?

Hello elektronauts,
Just wondering about the analog four mk2. I don’t have one yet and I’m pretty new to the elektron world.
Besides it’s own sound capabilities, can I use it to control & play those virtual synths that they have for computers? I know it can send midi data for velocity, note & length. Can I make a sequence on the A4 and then send it through midi to the comp to play a virtual synth? Would the different trigs like probablilty, or those others that only play the note on the second pattern play-through for example work?
What about using it as a midi controller for them? Like using all of the knobs to adjust the virtual parameters?
Thanks for any info about this!
Happy new year!

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You can sequence and play VST synths for sure, plocks I’m not certain about.

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well that’s good news! I’m hoping it can send those plocks too though. They add so much to it. Are those the same as conditional trigs? I have a rytm but I’m still learning / trying to remember everything.

the bitter thing is that A4 has no cc control. sequencing is possible.

hopefully elektron will still make cc control with a4 and rytm possible, if there will be an update at all.

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cc control is for the knobs?

yes, exactly. you could control all parameters of your vst s - also those of ableton like e.g. send so the sequencer would be unbeatable externally.

I just don’t understand why they did it. with their most expensive devices.

ya. seems strange. i have no idea what the factors are that would let them enable sending the cc or not, but it would be pretty sweet.
As far as sending the sequence, do u know if it’ll send the plocks and all that?

I think p locking only works with velocity and note lengths. so it’s all very rudimentary. but if you route the plugin signal to one of the tracks or fx channels, then you would also have access to the a4 effects and envelopes etc. i would have to test everything again myself to describe it in more detail. without cc it’s just no fun with it.

hmm, so no probability trigs or those conditional ones?
effects & envelopes is a bonus

yes, that should be possible. So everything that works with the sequencer. think tuning too.

oh nice! those conditionals are handy for sure with the rytm.
so a slide in the pitch can work using the slide function, and those types of things too? just anything that you program into the sequencer besides the individual step parameter changes?

wait no, its probably the case that none of those parameters really would work besides the velocity, note & length i guess… but maybe you can do a slide with those.

slide should also work. but as I said, I’m not sure anymore, haven’t used it for a long time as an external sequencer. only for the cc control that would be interesting for me at the moment.

ya, i’m mostly interested in having it play along with my rytm. if i can have it synced up like that for a vst synth too it would open up a lot of other types of sounds to play using the sequencer. it’s a lot of money though so trying to figure it out before buying. that cc control would be really good too.
thanks for your help!

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