Controller for Elektrons

Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while but need some help. To the mods, I am unsure where to post this question as it relates to multiple Elektrons and I am asking about other gear too. I apologize if I messed it up, you are welcome to move this.

I am running a Rytm MK1, Analog Four MK1, and Digitone. For live performances, I run everything into a sound broad, but I am getting tied up and muting tracks on the sound board, and starting, stopping, and aligning sequences with the controls on the individual machines and am looking for advice.

Would I benefit from running a DAWless system w/ some sort of controller (eg, a Beatstep Pro)?
Would embracing Overbridge and incorporating a computer be an easier route?
Should I suck it up and get tighter with performance note the devices?
Other suggestions or considerations?

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A lot of people use a Digitakt as a performance controller. Mute the 8 drum tracks on itself, 4 midi channel mutes for an Analog 4 and 4 more for something like a Digitone

Gives 16 mutable - pattern swappable tracks on 3 boxes


probably more appropriate in ‘other gear’ where it’s just been moved to, but no real issues with the former location :thup:

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That’s interesting, thanks. To be honest, I’m pretty happy with my current machines. To go this route, I’d probably sell my Rytm MK1, but I really dig the tone. If anyone is aware of cheaper options, I’d appreciate it.

Well, you can use the Digitone to midi control the A4 or thr A4 to control the Digitone mutes. Pattern change on one of them would change all of them. Then you just need to mute the Rytm on its own pads?

No extra cost there and a split between Melodic and Percussion?

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