Controlling Analog Rytm or Octatrack via MIDI


I tried using the search function multiple times to see if this question had been asked before (which I’m sure it has been endlessly), but I kept getting an “internal error” message, so I apologize in advance if it has. I’ve also tried Google, but haven’t gotten any detailed answers like what I’m after.

As the title states: can you control the Analog Rytm or Octatrack with a MIDI keyboard? If so, what’s the polyphony? Would it be like playing a keyboard with sampled sounds or one-off?



I only own the Octatrack, so I don’t know about the AR, but:

  • yes, you can control the OT via midi (quite extensively, actually - full MIDI implementation in the manual), and
  • there will be no polyphony, because the OT is monophonic.

Thank you for the clarification. I really appreciate it.

At the 1:07 mark of this video the player appears to play more than one note on the Octatrack’s “keyboard”. Am I mistaken or is this not polyphony?

via MIDI - i.e. triggering the Tetra, since ladder is poly- yes…

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