Controlling AS1 synth with Digitone

Hi there,
New to adding an external synth to be controlled and processed by the Digitone (in this case a Pioneer AS1).

I have the clock and preset bank working, but the AS1 sequencer is not startingand no sound is coming into the Digitone (as fas as I can tell).

I have the outputs from the AS1 going into the inputs on the DN, and the AS1 is on midi channel A. I set the midi channel on both units to 9.

Not sure what else to try - any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Have you set up the midi port (vs USB) in the Digitone?
Also the sequencer in the AS-1 is useless syncing up to anything. Just sequence it from the Digitone and get all the p-lock goodness as well.

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Also make sure Midi Control Enable is set to ON in the AS-1 and that the inputs are turned up in the Digitone.

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Thanks for reply.
Yes the plan is to not use the AS1 sequencer at all.

The midi is all set up correctly too.

Maybe its the volume on the midi channel - how do I adjust that please?

Voice volume is cc62, page 33 of the manual…

Thanks for the help.
I did look these up but not sure where to put these into the digitrakt - is it on the amp page and then set that knob to that cc value? This will change the main volume on the AS1 from that knob correct?

My main problem is getting any sound at all into the ditakt from the AS1.


I found my problem - I had to set the record source to external left and right!
Thank you for your patience and help.