Controlling ccs in different tracks independently

So i have connected a midi controller to the OT in order to control some configured cc’s in the OT itself which will control some external synth parameters. I’m controlling two different channels (in two different tracks), and i can only get them to work indepently when each track is selected

It seems that the cc data actually passes to the synth, but since the cc is not changed into the OT, if that parameter it’s not changed in the OT itself, those changes will not modify an LFO reference value, for example

To sum up, Is there a way to modify the OT ccs of different tracks even if those are not selected?

Hope i explained myself. I’ve tried to look it up in the manual but haven’t found out


hey Supermows, i think you should be able to control MIDI CCs on the OT externally, without having to select each track. have you checked that you’ve got the right settings on the OT? :thinking:

Manual doesn’t state it clear, but each OT track has separate midi channel. Standard setup should be track 1 - midi channel 1.

The midi autochannel recieves midi CC for currently active track.

Ok, let me try to explain it this way: my controller is connected to the OT midi in. And my blofeld to the OT midi out. I have a knob in the controller set to midi channel 1, cc 69 (cutoff). And in the OT (track 1, set to midi channel 1), i have setup in CTRL1 one cc 69, which has a LFO applied. So, if i move the controller knob while the track 1 is selected, this will change the parameter value, so the lfo will oscillate around the value that the controller knob is sending. BUT, if another track is selected, the knob changes will pass directly to the blofeld. And the LFO priorizes over the controller, so the cutoff jumps quickly to the value but goes back to the Value the LFO has in that moment

Essentially, the OT MIDI sequencer tracks only record on the active track.

even if not recording, it won’t receive cc parameter changes?

The same problem as the OP?

I was confused myself a bit ago, but it’s pretty straight forward, in the end

hi Supermows, did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue!