Controlling MachineDrum With MIDI


I am wondering if it is possible to control the machinedrum via midi. I would like to trigger the MD and control parameter via a max patch.


yes, you ll find the midi messages in the manual

awesome thanks!

Very easy to trigger. There is a map were you can choose notes.
Exhaustive CC midi implementation, 4 tracks per midi channel.


in the manual is has hex values and dec values. Does dec refer to midi value?



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You might already seen this.

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Back to topic, I read sysex part. It’s possible to change Lfo target track / dest with sysex.
You can also change machines.

Maybe it would solve some of my problems.

Midi newbie here, I rarely use it…however is it possible to control a single parameter of a particular track using midi? For example changing the pitch of E12-BC through keys on a midi keyboard.

Thanks, James.

You need a midi processor to map midi notes to MD pitch. Pitch values are not chromatic.

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Thank you

Controlling MD with OT, 4 tracks, random machine changes with sysex. MD lfos on CTR AL machine.
Ram resampling for retrig.

Thanks to @InductiveOne for precious help !
Made a new patch randomizer for max


The bank buttons on my machine drum arnt working and I can’t get it fixed, is it possible to to set up a controller to replace the buttons? Iv tried looking in the manual but I either dont under stand or can’t find what I’m looking for.

You can change MD patterns with midi Program Changes, eventually with midi Notes (if you set notes in Map Editor).
You can use a controller or a keyboard sending those midi messages.


Do you know if I can open the mute and swing functions?

Mutes for sure, I don’t think it’s possible to set swing with regular Control Changes. Maybe with sysex.
Probably possible to repair your buttons.


Iv had trouble getting them looked at, I replaced them myself but no change :frowning: this is really helpfull though thanks! One day I’ll buy a new working one but this should keep it going for now!

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Total shot in the dark but while looking at info on this forum about MiniCommand and MegaCommand, I thought I read about hidden sysex messages that controlled buttons on the Machinedrum. It was part of a list of hidden sysex values and these buttons may have been part of it. If you find the list and have a midi controller that sends out sysex messages, that may do it?