Controlling multiple track parameters at once? (not necessarily Control All)

Pretty safe to assume that if I RTFM and don’t see what I’m looking for in there, or in the update notes, it doesn’t exist, but I did want to check here first just in case.

Does the Digitakt have capabilities to control multiple track parameters at once without controlling all of the track parameters? I guess it would be like a send effect in a way…

What I would like to do is control things like filter cutoff for two tracks at once, or turn the loop function on and off, without affecting all of the other effects. Is this possible to achieve?

Related, can I assign macro effects? Like, can I assign multiple parameters to one knob? Thanks!

Yes, with midi loopback.
Set a midi track on channel X.
Set audio tracks you want to control on channel X.


No. Even when using a MIDI loopback on the Digitakt itself you are restricted to one parameter per knob.


If you have iphone or ipad, you can use knoblab for this:


It’s possible with Digitone mods. I’d love some mods on DT!
With midi loopback, you can add a midi processor. @guga’s Goliath is a dedicated one for that feature. Up to 16 CCs with 1 CC or its knob. Other midi processors can do that, but you need to program them. RK002 has already some scripts for DT midi loopback.


You can connect a MIDI controller like a LaunchControlXL and turn as many knobs as you have hands. :slight_smile:

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A macro page would be a really cool addition to the DT. The Octatrack has scenes which is kind of like this except you have to premake the results beforehand.

You can make a “macro” control on the DT without midi loopback
You have to sacrifice your lfo’s though.
Pick the tracks you want to be effected
Go to the lfo page and set rate to 0 for both tracks
Set the lfo destination on each track to whatever you want
Use ctrl all to adjust lfo depth.
Might have to do some fiddling, but it should work.