Controlling the external in via Midi

I have a question concerning the midi control of the external mixer on the Digitakt (probably applies to the Digitone as well).

I want to manipulate the level of the input of the external mixer via CC. I have a stereo synth hooked up to this input. In the manual it is written, if I understand this correctly, the level of the external mixer is controlled by the cc value 102 when the input is set to stereo input. Sadly, when turned to stereo, manipulating cc 102 only changes the level of the left input (this is supposed to happen when the external input is turned to dual, separating the controls over the two inputs).

I don’t know if I missunderstood the manual or if it is a bug.
Is it possible to change the level of the external input via one cc value?

External In, Stereo Input : CC 84

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