Controlling the range of sample slot LFO

Is there a way to easily control the range of an LFO assigned to sample slot so that it covers a given range of samples with equal probability of each?

The closest I’ve found is to choose the middle sample out of the group you want, then manually tweaking the range by trial and error but this is quite fiddly and seems skewed towards the middle values. Also it’s not always going to work properly if you have an even number of possible samples as there is no exact center point.

Not a big deal, just more out of curiosity - would be quite cool to randomly pick one of a set of samples but I can’t work out a good way to do it either with this or with the LFO on sample start (as it would need to quantise to start points)


Use ramp lfo and you are only dealing with the range ( peak of the ramp) using depth.

If your using sine / triangle then set initial scr to middle sample and depth is , I think , slightly under half the range you want .

Range of 10 samples , set initial to 5 , depth might be 2.9 ish. , it’ll go up and down either side of 5.
The number chosen will be based on when the step is triggered but you can get some nice weird changes based on how you effect the audio sample.

If you assign it to sample start you can view how the numbers move by looking at the waveform , it helps to understand how it’ll work , it’s a quick visual way to see it.


Ah interesting idea, I’ll play around with this! Thanks! Really wishing for 2 LFOs sometime…

next level very coo idea.

i would like to control how loud the Vol goes when putting a random Lfo onto a syncopated rhythm sample’s Vol param… using the Octatrack. Like some kind of limiter, except for the Lfo data rather than trying to compression-limit the audio side of things after the Lfo’s influence.

I think , the top most volume ( lfo value ) would be defined by the depth value , set to 100 instead of 128 ( or whatever is full ) .

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ah yes how interesting perhaps that is how it works.

i thought also it might be a bipolar above and below kind of random value generation with the Depth showing how much it might boost or attenuate the Vol parameter.

from memory in fact i think it might be that, as the track was being influenced to go louder than it was before and softer than it was before turning up the Dep from zero to about 40.

it would be cool if there were stereo chorus and compression effects in the Lfo Realm of things to apply lush value modulation to a double output from a single source (chorusing the Lfo) … or tighten up the data transients of an Lfo (compressing the Lfo) …

lol maybe that is just too bizarre.