Cool live digitone set by BASECK

It’s too good not to share.


Fockin amazing!! … and in just one piece!

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Even though I have Model Cycles, mainly got it for different kind of drums, I feel Digitone can do more of that stuff… shit! Now I have to get the DT!! :smiley:


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this Digitone set is officially Bear-approved

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his stuff is always enjoyable to watch even though his style’s not my jam. i appreciate that type of skill and mastery of instruments/gear.

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He absolutely killed it. Apex Twin is in danger.

Ladies and gentleman, we are witnessing a star being born.

I really can’t decide what’s cooler - Digitone, the music or the hair…

I suggest we invent a new type of sport. An intellectual and recreational sport called GODS OF DIGITONE.

Where everyone is composing and performing solely on DIGITONE AND NOTHING ELSE.

And Baseck is to be the CEO, The top dog, and cat, the president, the leader, the brave one, the Jesus fucking Christ!


Digitone Open Air… would be something :slight_smile: