Copy all Kits + Samples between projects? Sysex?

I am struggling to copy kits between projects other than 1 by 1.

I had assumed I could go through multiple projects and dump all kits to a sysex file.
Then open a single project and receive all my kits.
This doesn’t seem to work as the kits come in without any samples!? (even though they are on the +Drive)

Any ideas?
Is this just not possible?
Is this a bug?

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I’m not sure… but this is part of the reason I once lost all of my projects when I had to sell my MKI RYTM due to financial struggles.

I made SysEx and sample folder backups of everything before selling. I later purchased a MKII RYTM, yet somehow the SysEx data didn’t quite line up when I attempted restoring. Maybe user error in my case?

With the samples back in place in the same structure as on the MKI, I hoped that I would at least be able to use Overbridge 1 or 2 in Ableton Live to open all of my old Total Recalls to recover my projects, but I was very sad to find that would not become possible.

I even went so far as to order a used MKI RYTM from Guitar Center to use Overbridge 1 to recover what I could. The RYTM arrived and it refused to boot. Sent it back, gave up on the old projects.

I am starting to see this as a feature instead. It forces you to make your current project all the more amazing, if not only to compensate for the difficulties of starting a new project?

Heard back from Support after I had put in a bug report.

This is unfortunately an old known bug. I hope we will be able to fix it for the next OS update​.

So I guess maybe we will finally have a solution in September :smiley: