Copy and paste performance macro between projects?

hmm, can you copy the perf page? If so then you can most likely paste it across projects too…

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maybe u have more luck than I

title says all … [ Mod edit: Title was " A4K - still no performance copy over 2 projects : ( " ]

just tried it .

no success : (

elektron? please? pretty please? any dev in HQ who is not totally burnt out from your massive rollouts ?

I take it , we can also not copy and paste performance macros within a project , but between kits (in the same project) … just tired, no luck ; (

just tried it… worked for me. you need to press copy after you pressed funktion+perf.
so in the menu whre you can chose between “perf configure” and “perf rename”. that will copy all perf macro settings at once.

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are you sure sure sure? its says COPY on my screen too, but when pasting these, NOTHING gets pasted.

I am talking about the ENTIRE performance configure page … the one that says A B C D E F G in circles…

that works for you @funkymogli ??? answer VERY much appreciated if you could check this out ? @avantronica ? could you have a look too please?

@PeterHanes you liked the above post… did you try that? is it working for you?

thanks : )

im definitly sure. i pasted perf. settings between projects.
its just a strange place where u need to press copy. its not the one where it says ABCDE, its the one before!

@funkymogli … thanks for trying … can you identify where I go wrong?

on my machine

in project manager

no 110 I call it P1 … there is a kit with performance macros saved inside

in project manager

no 111 I call P 2 … its a new project, nothing in it.

now I go to P1 and press OSC1 …then I press PERF and I see the performance macros, and how I named them … now I press FN COPY … it says on screen: Copy Pattern. … silly me : D

so I press PERF + COPY … it says on screen : COPY PAGE PERF

I hit fn + global and load project P2 (the one with nothing in it)

(i dont save P1)

I hit PERF once, and the performance page is all set to zero … now I press



It says on screen PASTE PAGE PERF

but nothing.

edit: just seen we are both in berlin ??? I should come over and watch you do that : D

jep come over i can show you :wink: im at wrangekiez …
still believe you are on the wrong page to make the copy/pasting.

here step fo step

  1. project one, pattern is 1 for example and some kit with the perf settings
  2. press FUNKTION+perf
  3. press FUNKTION + COPY (funktion !! not perf+copy)
  4. switch projects
  5. press FUNKTION+perf
  6. press FUNKTION + PASTE

perf + copy copies the state the performance knobs are in, not the macros itself.

good luck!


oh my fucking god! i love you!
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big thanks!!!

actually almost 2 am here… just saw it on my tablet already in bed … Had to try it! … go up again to type this out on PC …

biiiig thanks from Wedding buddy!!! eleeven!


No worries, glad I could help :wink:

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Performance or scenes still can’t be copied on the rytm?

You can I just did the other day, while in performance or scene edit, just function+Rec/play as normal…

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is it copying the entire 12 pads in scene or performance or just 1 at a time? thanks @Open_Mike

One at a time, you choose one for editing, copy, choose where you want to put it, paste… Copying the kit would copy all twelve, but with the sounds as well of course…


This just saved my life. Thank you!


Just another belated thanks for this thread… just helped me out a lot too. Thanks!

Hello all. Ok I am trying to copy perf macros from one kit to another kit within the same project. Is that possible? I’ve tried what I think is recommended above in this thread but when I, for example,

func+perf->func+copy in A01 (kit1)
select A02 (with kit 2)

this pastes the kit and perf macros…if I try to reload kit 2 it overwrites the perf macros too.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks. Sam