Copy conditional trigs

HI everyone,
can i copy conditional trigs from a track to an other track in the same pattern?
when i copy a track to an other track, there are no conditional trigs copied.
thanks for help

it should be as easy as 'select step / copy step / select pattern / select destination step / paste step ’
if its not working , then i guess not , maybe a small bug . i cant imagine it would be a weird function thing , just use normal copy / paste.

if it works on the same track , but not on another track (eg from BT to CH) , its a small bug , i would imagine that parameter , along with all the others , should copy over .
either way , its just a few quick dials to put it back.

have a look through rytm features/bug thread and it may already be there.

What OS do you have?

On MK 1 (1.31B) its works as expected. Also copying to other tracks.

I’ve just tried it on my Mk1 1.45 and copying between tracks works well and includes the conditional trigs.
What process are you following to do it? As @re5et said, it’s relatively simple, if not a little tedious at times, but a great feature nonetheless IMO.

Hi, i want copy the rimshot track to the snare track, its the same, or not ?
The steps are copied, but not the parameters trigs (tune , cutoff, etc…

To copy the page parameters, you have to copy the page, it’s like taking a snapshot of the page settings.
Press and hold the page button e.g. ‘Filter’, then the ‘Copy’ (Red/ Record) button, release both buttons and the screen should display ‘COPY PAGE FILT’ which means it has copied the page settings/ taken the snapshot.
Next, to to the SAME PAGE on the new track, follow the same process, but replace ‘Copy’ with ‘Paste’ (White/ Stop) and you should see ‘PASTE PAGE FILT’ meaning the snapshot has been applied to the new destination.
This process also works on DTs with later firmwares.

There’s a lot to be said for Roger Moore, his name for one.

That may be indeed your problem. The parameters may look like the same, but there are different machine implementations behind it, which may or may not be compatible to each other.

He is not trying to copy parameter pages. It seems (from his last post, not the OP) that he wants to copy “parameter trigs” along with the note trigs (I guess the correct naming on the AR is parameter locks).

The original post only mentioned conditional trigs , which in theory should copy over

If the actual issue is parameters not copying ( parameters and conditional trigs are very different imo ) then as mentioned , I would think it’s restricted as not all sound engines are the same or compatible with certain tracks.

As you may start to understand , some terminology specifically related to elektron gear can make things a little confusing at times , I think in this case the confusion is from
Copying tracks
Copying conditional trigs
Copying a track from one machine type/sound engine onto another different one which is quite rytm specific issue.

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I see what you mean. I stand corrected.

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so , al little report ,
i tryed all possibilities , copy paste all parameter pages, i couldent get an image of 2 tracks.
so i tried at a new pattern ,and programmed a new track with parameter trigs, copied to an other track with the same engine again, and see there, it works.
something dident went well at the first pattern.
thank you for all your help :slight_smile:
a nice family here