Copy/Load all sound settings into a p-lock on another sound

My example is building a drum pattern on one track and I’d like Kick, Snare, and closed hats.

Say I load a good kick patch on track-1 and a snare patch on track-2. It seems to me that I should be able to copy the settings of the snare sound and paste it into a track-1 grid position, effectively changing the entire sound from a kick to a snare for that beat.

Since all sounds are 99% parameter settings it seems like, in theory, I could switch to a different sound on a single track on every beat.

I can do this manually via parameter lock and changing every parameter setting of the kick to the setting of the snare but that is tedious.

My question is if there is a way to copy all of a sounds settings into memory and paste them into a plock position across tracks, or even directly from the sound browser?

Never mind, read the manual again and figured out the feature I was looking for was called a “Sound Lock”, where you can load a different sound from the pool into a track for a trigger position:

All Sounds residing in the Sound pool of the active project can be changed per sequencer step, which is an immensely useful feature for adding variations to a track. Press and hold a note trig and turn the LEVEL knob. The Sound pool list will appear. Scroll the list using the LEVEL knob, select the Sound you want to assign to the note trig and then release the [TRIG] key. The LED will start to flash. Pressing and holding the [TRIG] key of the note trig will show the assigned Sound.

nice 'n easy in realtime mode :slight_smile: - see my post here (also caveat) !