Copy or Extend Page

Hi guys, I’m trying figurate out out to copy an entire page " not the single track pages" to another page. Is that possible? I know that if you fill an empty pattern for example of 16 steps and then extend the pattern to 32 it automatically fills the next 16steps with the same copy on page 2. But happen if I want to modify a preprogrammed pattern?

Also if I have a programmed pattern of 64steps and then I go back to 32steps. Is there any way to wipe the pattern so when I extend it again it will copies the first 32 filled steps to page 3 and 4?

I mean one of both solution could work but I didn’t find a way to do it.

In Recording Mode, hold the Page button and press the Circle (Copy). Go to the desired page, hold the Page button and press the Square (Paste).

Yeap, first go to the last two pages and press Page+Clear (play), then go to scale mode again and press page to change the sequence length to 16, 32, 48 and back to 64. Done👍

Edit: ah yeah this is per track. No way to do that for all 8 tracks simultaneously. Personally never had a situation where I would want that though because using different sequence lengths for each tracks is too much fun :wink:

I have to think this way probably.
thanks for the tip.

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