Copying compressor settings?

I remember reading somewhere on this forum that it should be possible to copy the compressor settings from one track to another. How do you do this? I checked the manual but couldn’t find it under either the compressor or the quick keys section.

You can copy the compressor page from one pattern to another, but it’s per pattern, not track. Press and hold in this order when on the compressor page FUNC+LFO(master)+RECORD(copy). Choose new pattern and press FUNC+LFO(master)+STOP(paste) to paste it.


Thanks! And yeah, of course it’s per pattern. I had a bit mix of terms there.

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One thing to keep in mind, for whatever reason, the pattern vol/level doesn’t get copied. So be aware of that when you copy the page and it’s super loud! I usually keep the pattern level at 100, so when I copy it’s loud at 127 :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s good to keep in mind. I don’t think I have ever actually touched the pattern volume level though. I guess there’s a lot of ways to use this device.