Copying MIDI-tracks


Get spoiled on the Circuit shuffling patterns around…

Thanks man.
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Sorry to bump this thread but I just tried to copy MIDI B settings to MIDI A…holding TRK MIDI B and Copy, then when I changed to MIDI A I tried TRK MIDI A and paste as well as just TRK and paste…message said PASTE MIDI A SETTINGS. Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, you have to select “MIDI B” (“track 10”), and while being there, presss trk+copy. Now it appears: “copy midi B settings”.
now you press 9 to go to “MIDI A”, and while being there you press trk+paste and you will see “paste midi A settings”. Done.
You dont have to press and hold 9 or 10. You just have to be in that page.


Thanks for this. I’m doing exactly what you said but after I paste MIDI A settings, nothing changes, I’m still left with the same settings that were already on MIDI A instead of MIDI B settings. I’m beginning to wonder if it could be a problem with my Digitakt.