Copying MIDI-tracks

Is there any way to copy a midi-track? I like to work within one pattern, but have different melodic parts for my external synths on different midi-tracks. This is also useful for having lines longer than 64 steps. However, setting up the lfo’s and cc-settings for each track every time is a pain. Been using the DT for weeks, and still haven’t found a shortcut???

Also, they should make a digital polysynth in this form-factor. Would be an amazing combo.

set up a default project with all your synths and cc’s ready to go

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Function+Rec while in grid recording copies the track, Function+Stop pastes… :slight_smile:


Sorry to necro-bump this, but this only copies the track notes, not the MIDI CC values etc, which is hugely annoying. Is there no way to copy the MIDI track ‘sound’?

Not sure there is.
As well as this, I’ve been wanting to save my midi settings for each ext synth, but it doesn’t appear to save to a project.

Does the copy sound function (func+track#+copy) work when on a midi track?
Not in front of my machine to try

Does the copy sound function (func+track#+copy) work when on a midi track?

I couldn’t get this to work, but perhaps I was doing the wrong thing. I’ll try again shortly.

I vaguely remember having trouble copying cc’s and it had to do with activating the encoder, function+encoder…

Yeah, all the CCs are correct. That said, I wonder if the encoders have to be activated before pasting, which would seem pretty stupid, but I’ll try that as well. Thanks for the tip.

As an aside, has anybody had trouble activating the encoders? They don’t seem to respond all the time to key presses when activating MIDI :confused:

nm. Found this:

Known issue.


I asked support. Apparently copying MIDI parameters isn’t a thing:

This is a bug (or rather, lack of implementation) and have previously been added to our list of things to fix. Thanks for letting us know though!

This Digitakt has quickly become the buggiest/most incomplete bit of gear I have ever bought.




It’s disappointing and I don’t feel that the reputation of the company is being helped by the silence.

Imagine if Roland were to do this.

I feel that they should’ve spaced out the release of the ft, and the mk2 models to ensure each release was a bug free as possible.


I think they are frankly doing the best they can, and customer relationship in internet era is a pretty hard game.
:3lektron: delivered trig probability for OT mk1 after this box has got years of service.
I would bet my two hands that DT will know another update, and I am pretty sure it will deliver some very interesting feature.

Absolutely. It’s a time where reviews and comments online can make or break a company.

But that goes the same for stoical silence.

I don’t think anyone is saying the DT won’t get an update, I feel the frustration comes from customers feeling they are not being heard, let alone listened to.


Yeah, I feel the frustration as well (really want this feature). Good news is because it’s a bug, they will prioritize it more than they would if it was a new feature.

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Would bauer’s recommendation in copying/pasting kits work for this?

This is my current way of working. It works ok when you have a solidly defined configuration of MIDI devices for your DT project, but once you need to try different combinations, mix and match, etc, you will have to go back to manually setting up CC’s again.

Yeah, that’s the issue. With p-locked CCs, program changes etc, it becomes a pain real quick.

Example of the kind of thing that I had to manually set:

The video changes are all based on different MIDI commands.

I guess is there a way to copy MIDI cc from one track to another?

I have looked but am in mid session and have not found answer. Closest thing I got was this thread.

Is this the same answer as in 2017? You cannot copy MIDI cc data one track to another?

? I am sorry, what do you mean?

Can you copy MIDI CC of say track 9 that has assigned knobs effecting hardware and paste that MIDI CC knob info on the Digitakt to say midi channel 7?


No, not that scenario as track 9 is midi and track 7 is audio. But you can copy midi settings between midi tracks in the same way you would copy and paste between audio tracks.