Copying patterns between projects

So I just copied some patterns between projects. I first copied each sound in the kit (because you can’t save kits to the +drive it seems) then I copied the pattern, changed project and pasted the pattern. I then reloaded the sounds and saved them as a kit in the new project but the FX track didn’t copy for some reason so I had to take pictures and recreate it.

Is there a faster way? I’m glad you could still copy between projects though. It might have been a bit slow but I’m glad it was doable.

Oh and I found a small bug (reported to support) where a renamed project reverts to it’s original name when switching to a different project.

Haven’t tried, but I think C6 offers greater efficiency and flexibility? Have you explored that route?

Im digging up this post, as i have the same question with the a4
and nobody chipped in with any more suggestions

Its a real pain on elektron machines to move stuff around between projects

Especially if you have a few different boxes,

Fot the OT there is Rusty’s program, which i downloaded yesterday, not tried it yet,
but it sounds like it’ll make it a lot smoother, though i hope hes gona manage to integrate the sample side of things too

Its a real handicap for these machines, for setting up live sets,
I imagine the forthcoming overbridge will enable to do stuff like this easier, but only for the analog range