Copying Patterns, clearing p-locks, filtering midi?

Hello All!
Just got my MD-uw+ last week and loving it! Its opening doors already. But I have a few semi-noob questions for ye olde experts…

  1. How do I copy and paste a pattern while keeping the current pattern playing? It seems when I switch to the pattern slot I want to paste in I have that akward silence before the paste happens. I know I must be in play mode to paste the whole (all tracks) pattern.

  2. How can I limit what midi channels the MD sends to the out? I hooked up my minibrute and pressing any trig caused the synth to play.

  3. How can I clear all p-locks in a track for a pattern at once?

I’ve read the manual and Tarakeths tip list. Any thoughts appreciated. Thankee!

1: can’t be done. It’s a very very common feature request for all elektrons. There are a few workarounds on some of the machines, but not really MDUW.

2: in global settings make sure you have your base channels for MDUW set to a stack of channels that don’t conflict with other synths. If you use 13-16 for instance, make sure all other gear is not set to those channels.

3: there are a few ways to remove plocks per step, or per parameter, but none that I know of to remove all plocks per track at the same time. At least not on MDUW.

I do it visually - in step edit I just hit the blinking trigs twice to reset them.
Also, holding a trig and pushing the knob down will clear that particular p-lock…tho that is even slower.

Alternative idea is switching to ‘classic’ mode briefly…that will disable p-locks.

Hey guys, thanks for the tips. The double tap on the trigs sounds like the fasted option then.

Pity about the pattern paste though. What workarounds do you suggest? Getting a kaos pad? Seems odd that this wouldnt be implemented by now in updates…

I have a basic pattern already saved to “empty” slots. Kick on step one, maybe something else.
After copying the current pattern, I switch to classic mode just before changing the pattern to one of the almost empty slots, paste hopefully before step 3, and back to extended mode.

If it’s just for jamming, you can get two different patterns with different parameter settings and different trigs going in one pattern slot. Copy->Paste->Undo (paste again)
After copying your pattern, instead of pasting it to a new slot, start altering the parameters, trigs, p-locks into a new groove. When you want to jump back to the original, paste the original pattern in the buffer on top on the pattern you are in. Hit paste again to “undo” the paste and you are back to the altered pattern, alter it some more, paste again, undo paste, alter, paste, undo paste,…