Corrupted CF card?

I read a few of you had a corrupted CF card. I corrupted mine at some point too. This can happen if you use the usb mode and unplug the card before dismounting it.

If you have a corruption you can use a dos box to fix it using chkdsk driveletter: /f (type chkdsk /? for help)

The card will be dismounted during the process and it might be advisable to do this on a cf card reader instead of the OT in USB mode.

Worked like a charm for me. Too bad the file management for the OT from the PC is so poor. I also have a usb cable that seems to disconnect anytime so i avoid this usb mode as much as possible.

Nice tip :+1:

I just read through a few good discussions about corrupted data, since two days ago I made the same mistake…

my todo for backup is now

… always check the Status LED. If it’s constant green, everything good. (No Power-Off when it’s blinking)
… always dismount the card (from Octa and from PC/Mac)
… do not write and read from CF card at the same time, (at least here at mine when connected to a PC, this made some parsing errors I believe)
… make a new set and try not to save into the preferences folder

… if you already have issues, here are some good discussions about how to attempt recoveries:

and MisterX, thanks for the tip. I will try that out too with my CF