Could the Model:Samples be a SP12 Turbo in Disguise?

To me it seems the simplicity the 6 buttons and instant pitch parameter might make it so?

But no song mode etc.

From what ive heard the sound can become fairly gritty.

I’ve also noticed major “fatboy Slim” stuff being able to be made with it

The SP’s can sample though. The Digitakt would be a closer match.

Im thinking more about layout

as far as sampling we’d just dump into it or use whats there

this is discussed in the main M:S thread. the internal sound engine is exactly the same as the DT. the factory samples it ships with have been heavily processed to sound gritty.


Bit of a stretch.

The M:S has none of the things that give the SP12 it’s status.

My thing is it IS mono

My questions is…Is the filter good and can it sound crunchy?