Couple of Digitakt questions


I’ve been planning to get a Digitakt, which will be my first piece of Elektron gear, but over the past few days the prices in a lot of stores (UK) have jumped from the £535 ish to £699 in places.

Is this because of stock shortage, and the prices should drop back down soon?

Does anyone have experience with buying from Bax Music?.

Just one more question…

When Overbridge releases in February for the DT, will I be able to transfer any patterns/sounds I make on the DT to a DAW like Ableton etc and arrange tracks that way?.

Sorry for any super obvious questions, just that I haven’t tinkered with making music since the DOS days, so it’s been a while.



The price went down a few months ago, I guess it’s now back to its introductory state. Either way, well worth it.

Got mine from Bax (FR): no problems.

(Don’t buy gear on future updates expectations)

…wait till namm 2018 is over!

They’re fine people. Support is good, no hassle, no questions asked returns.

Would the price hike back up to RRP be because distributors have been told there is an os update and overbridge to be demoed at namm so expect an influx in orders ?

Could be, or just a new big feature like drum synthesis.

We will know in a few hours :wink:

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Do you think there will be a Digitakt announcement at NAMM then?

I bought my Digitakt three days ago at Andertons for £535 and it said they had 6 in stock. I looked just now and they still have 2 in stock but the price is £699, same as many retailers. If I was you I’d head over to Bax shop right now and place an order.

For sure.

I was literally going through the order process at Bax and their website took a shit. Pages barely loading, search results bringing up a database error.

Perfect timing.

Red dog music are selling for 540.

That’s mad cheap. Are those b-stock or brand new?

Brand new. And they will strive to get you a delay if you call them.

Red Dog have also just bumped their price to £699. Bax luckily fixed their website, and they still have them for £535, but I guess not for long.

Must’ve been this week, as I picked up my second DT last week for 540.

Interesting that the fluctuations are so wide ranging.

Red Dog were selling for £535 only a few hours ago. Seems once a couple of places jumped to £699, the others followed suit.

A lot of these retailers ‘track’ each other’s prices automatically, so I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into them all changing at once.

Probably exchange rates changes

No it hasn’t changed that much.