Crashes galore

I have read on this forum that other people experience crashes - but i am having them every min - by using the crossfade or adjusting the mixer or just about anything else. what gives? i just updated to 1.25H which i though would help but it hasn’t - any suggestions?

Have you performed the self test?

Thx for the tip!

Ran the test - everything checked out fine . . .

You should contact support via the Elektron web page, sorry that’s the best idea I have :frowning:

Define crash? Machine freezing/locking up?

freezing - a sliced 20sec sample (flex) - making ramdom slices a lot worked perfectly - it was when i used the sliders and any knob - suddenly it freezes up. maybe a static machine would be better . . . ?.

Did this just start happening?
New Octatrack?
Old Octatrack?
Changes to OS?
Can you replicate in a new/empty Set/Project?

I made a new project with the same same - tweeted the heck out of it and could get it to crash. Glad it was just the corroupted Project and not the Oktatrack itself. thx for ur help!