Creating click track for live performance?

Without beating the dead horse of the lacking midi out on the sequencer, I’m looking for suggestions for how to set up the A4 in a band context. I’m starting an improvisational band project involving A4, guitar, bass and live drummer (synth purists, please forgive me), where my plan was to have the A4 sequenced with various rhrythms, arpeggiators, pads etc.

Without midi out to send a click track to the drummer, what would be the best solution? One idea I had was to send CV out to a monotribe I have lying around, which the drummer could have beside him connected to headphones (or a monitor).

Anyone have experience with this? I am trying to avoid buying new pieces of gear, so getting an octatrack to solve the problem is not an option. Also part of the goal is keeping things as minimalistic as possible.

Just a small gripe in this regard: It puzzles me to no end that a professional instrument doesn’t in the least include the option to route individual tracks to the headphones, but it is what it is, so, suggestions?

If you were prepared to run with a feed from a headphone, then it will be a piece of cake to run a faux click track from the CV outlet

you could even use envelopes to get a different frequency click for the 1 etc

no need for the monotribe imho

Just keep the voltage of the signal in the 1.5v ballpark to begin with


Aha! Brilliant!
:slight_smile: Thanks

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But the A4 has a midi in and out and can send and receive sync. So where’s the problem?

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Bringing this thread back to life. I tried sending a CV click through headphones, which actually does work. but the CV out is pretty noisy, so the drummer finds it rather irritating. So, three years later, anyone have any suggestions for a cheap compact external unit that receives CV - or can be synced with the A4 - and can work as a click track? I was thinking of maybe syncing the a4 with something like a used digitakt and just having it loop the same sequence indefinitely with the appropriate click sound programmed on eighth or quarter notes. Then I wouldn’t even need to use CV, If I were to use CV, I was thinking I could find a used micro-brute or something similar.
Any 2019-suggestions?

A £30 drum machine with midi in ?
Noise gate / guitar pedal on cv out to improve audio ?

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