Creating Parameter Slides?


I am stumped with trying to get this to work.

I understand that I can press FUNCTION + BANK GRP D/H and I get the PARAMETER SLIDE screen. Then I can lay down some parameter slide trigs.

If I have a simple 16 step sequence and want to sweep the filter cutoff from trig 1 to trig 16 how do I do that ?

I went to the filter page and can’t see any reference to parameter slides.

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Press and hold trig one and press the parameter slide button so that its LED lights, while still holding trig one set the filter cutoff to the desired value.
Now press and hold trig sixteen and set the desired finishing filter cutoff value.

only one step needs to be locked, the slide from or slide to

the slides only work between one trig and the next, you can’t straddle trigs, that needs more effort to fake on your part, unless there’s no trigs between 1 and 16


Ok, cool. Have been able to achieve a slide between two trigs. Its unfortunate you can’t straddle trigs, seems a bit of a limitation.

Anyway, if I wanted to create a slide over a 16 step sequence how would it be done. Is it better to use LFOs and envelopes?

Thanks again.

Envelopes are not tempo linked so may be trickier for you, principle the same with lfo, get the shape or attack time right and ensure that only trig 1 is trigging the spare env or lfo otherwise it will restart before rise is complete. Ther’s plenty guidance on syncing lfos to pattern length. It should be straightforward except keeping an eye on retriggering env/lfo, set these off in the note page first

Digging up an old thread to save a new one.

Parameter slides. On the analog 4 I’ll switch this on, and then all I get is the parameter slide legend in the screen and nothing else.
Is this normal? If so, where do I go next?
The manual didn’t say anything about the screen locking like that.


enable some trigs, probably where you have existing trigs, for now

those full lit trigs will then slide any locked parameter to the next trig which has a value, if the locked value is different on either of these adjacent steps the parameter will interpolate - easiest to audition for long notes

it requires p-locks and probably longer sustaining sounds to hear the effect more obviously, but it depends on the sequence and desired effect


OK so the screen just stays on that parameter slide legend, and I just do the do with out seeing any changes on the screen? Will give it a blast later.

Or you can press[hold down] the desired trig(s) in the normal step edit page and THEN press the parameter slide button, this will enable a slide on that step much quicker … no need to enter the slide page at all


Oh cool. That’ll make more sense I think.


Does anybody know what is the Slide parameter?
because i have no idea what that is!!

You need parameter locked (must be different) values on either(or both) the Trig(slid) or its next neighbour

see above and here