Creating Reese Bass with Digitone?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you managed to build some Reese bass with the Digitone?

I know about Reese Bass theory on substractive synths, and it’s hard to build interesting ones with 2 osc hardware synths but i still managed to do it on the Minilogue.
I have no idea how to build Reese bass on FM synths though, even if i have reas a lot of stuff on FM theory.

I tried to dig on the internet but i only fond tutorials for VST’s and/or substractive synths.

So, I’d glady listen to any idea or suggestion.


Well, some tutorials talk about “wobbly beat frequencies”, which are generated by detuning of two oscillators, or by phase shifting. If that’s making the “Reese” I would say that’s not directly translating into FM-synthesis.

But if we “detune” a Modulator/Carrier pair such that both are slightly out of tune, we will receive that wobblyness too … just as in subtractive synthesis.

If we start on the DN with (just as a starter and example)

  • algorighm 1,
  • x-channel,
  • frequencies at a 1:1 ratio for OP-A and OP-C,
  • give some level of OP-A modulation (~64 for a start),
  • detune OP-A (~ 40 for a start),
  • making it more complex, by introducing the Harmonics either to OP-A or OP-C

and listen carefully, we will hear some wobbling after a certain degree of detuning, which becomes faster the more we detune.

Now add the other spices of the DN and have fun … :wink:

BTW using other algorithms which let us detune OP-A and OP-B2 can create even more wobbling.

It’s also interesting to put the detuning or other parameter under control of an LFO, which can make for even more wobbling :wink:


Thanks for the tips.

Bump :slight_smile: i’m not satisfied with this solution…

I sold my DN recently but managed to get some pretty decent reeses by messing around with the levels and envelopes on Syn 2, lfo to pitch to create slides, and filter modulation.

People asked me a few times about a reese like sound (2 min. in) in the comments to this video so there is a more comprehensive reply about settings in the comments section. As a note, I made this before the DN had the second filter to cut lows/highs so it is likely possible to get much cleaner reeses with some layering and frequency cutting.

I sold my DN to fund a ST (about a week ago) and one of the first things I tried to do is create an FM based reese on the ST. At first it felt impossible to get anywhere with the Tone engine (on the ST) but I’m pleased to report back that the ST can also generate some crazy ripping, wobbling reese madness. Not as wide of a palette as the DN but still has the chops.


Algo 8
Harm 6
fdbk 63
Mix 63
Unisson 2
Unisson Spread 127
Play mode mono
portamento On
PTIM 105

Do you remember the lfo settings? I’m guessing filter frequency.

I think it was filter and one (or both) of the levels on synth page 2. In fact tweaking the levels and envelopes on synth page 2 is where much of the reese sound lives. My understanding is that the levels on synth page 2 are basically a control over the amount of fm which in turn yield a ton of ripping and tearing noises. All things in moderation and it’s possible to dial in some pretty complex tones…

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Thanks so much! Stoked to try this out, that set is killer! Stoked to see/hear what you can do with syntakt.

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